(WTVO) — A Washington woman filed a lawsuit earlier this month against a five-star hotel, claiming that a worker “ejaculated his semen” into a hotel-branded water bottle and delivered it to her room.

The incident allegedly occurred at the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay in California last year, according to KRON.

During her stay at the hotel, the woman and her husband returned to their hotel room after dinner and realized they did not have drinking water, according to court documents. The woman then called hotel staff to request water be sent to the room. A male employee subsequently delivered “at least” five bottles of Ritz-Carlton labeled water to the couple.

In the lawsuit, representatives for the woman allege that “one the hotel’s employees ejaculated his semen into a Ritz-Carlton labeled water bottle, delivered it to Jane and John Doe’s room, and Jane Doe then drank the semen-contaminated water before she realized it had been defiled by a criminal deviant and that she had been sexually assaulted.”

The woman apparently realized soon after that the different “taste and texture” of the water she drank may have been semen, and contacted hotel management and police.

The Ritz-Carlton sent the water bottle to a laboratory for analysis, which confirmed the presence of semen in the water. However, the hotel refused to cooperate further, court documents allege.

“The Ritz-Carlton refused to cooperate with law enforcement’s investigation to identify and apprehend the assailant, and refused to compensate Jane and John Doe for the sexual assault
beyond offering them a few measly Marriott rewards points.”

Investigations into identifying a suspect have allegedly stalled because the hotel has “refused to turn over the defiled water bottle,” according to court documents.