(WTVO) — Would you let an exterminator let 100 cockroaches loose in your home for $2,500?

That’s the offer being made by Pest Informer, a North Carolina-based pest control company, who wants to release the insects in a house to evaluate the effectiveness of their pest control technique.

According to Simplemost, to participate in the study a homeowner would need to allow the company to film in their home for 30 days. The owner would also not be allowed to use other pest control methods.

“We contemplated doing this study in 2022, but we had issues with our legal team and the EPA worried about the environmental impacts of this study. This is why we’re only selecting one household to conduct this study on at a time,” the company wrote.

The company said it would resort to traditional treatment options if the new technique fails to eliminate the infestation within 30 days.

Those interested in participating in the study must be at least 21 years old, own a home or have the approval of the homeowner, and be located in the continental United States.

Applications are being accepted until December 31st, 2023.