(WTVO) — The next time you go through Wendy’s drive-thru, a chatbot may take your order.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the fast food giant has teamed with Google to develop an automated drive-thru service using an artificial-intelligence program.

Wendy’s said the goal of the program is to streamline its ordering process and reduce long lines at the drive-thru lanes, according to Chief Executive Todd Penegor.

“It will be very conversational,” Penegor said. “You won’t know you’re talking to anybody but an employee.”

Wendy’s chatbot will use a customized language model that will incorporate acronyms and phrases that customers have used when ordering its products, including “JBC” for junior bacon cheeseburger and “biggie bags.”

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said training the chatbot will be difficult for the company, since additional noise in the car, such as music or children in the back seat, can create a challenge for the AI.

The application has also been programmed to upsell customers to larger sizes or specials.

Wendy’s chief information officer, Kevin Vasconi, said tests run at one of the chain’s stores in Columbus, Ohio, have been favorable.

“It’s at least as good as our best customer service representative, and it’s probably on average better,” he said.

The company says about 80% of food orders are made at the drive-thru lane, an after-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, Wendy’s said drive-thru orders accounted for 30% of its sales.

Penegor said the company is not looking to replace workers with the chatbot, instead saying the technology is expected to help workers handle the tasks involved in taking drive-thru orders.

According to researcher Ben Goertzel, a leading AI expert, artificial intelligence could replace 80% of human jobs in the next few years.

Wendy’s plans on rolling out the automated chatbot in June at the Columbus location, with the locations nationwide to follow.