(WTVO) — Automaker Mercedes-Benz says it will offer a subscription service to enable some of its vehicles to accelerate faster.

According to the company, the $1,200 yearly subscription for the “Acceleration Increase” feature will be available on the Mercedes-EQ EQE 350 and EQS 450 electric vehicles. The feature will “electronically increase” the horsepower and torque of the car’s motor, enabling a faster 0-60 mph speed.

Mercedes-Benz says the EQ 350 SUV will accelerate to 0-60 in 5.2 seconds, instead of 6.2 without the subscription.

The subscription unlocks performance in hardware already installed in the car at the factory.

Earlier this year, rival BMW said it would offer $18 monthly subscriptions to unlock certain vehicle features, like heated seats or auto-dimming headlights.