Neighbor Reacts to Shooting of 1-Year-Old


Bullet holes riddle the sides of several buildings on Prial Ave. in Rockford, where police say two cars were involved in a shooting. A 1-year-old child hit by the gunfire and rushed to the hospital.

“Our officers responded to the hospital and got more information on the child, and the preliminary investigation showed that the child had been hit by gunfire, and that the child was a passenger in a vehicle,” said Rockford Police Lt. Shawn Ross.

A woman, who prefers to be called only by her first name, Tasha, lives in an apartment on Prial. She says was leaving to meet her mother when the shooting unfolded right in front of her.

“I grabbed my mother, I turned her back,” said Tasha. “I stayed over here in the complexes; I grabbed my mother, and went in the house.”

Tasha says shootings aren’t that common in her neighborhood, but she has noticed an uptick in crime recently.

“My neighborhood is great,” she said. “I’ve been here two years. And now recently we’ve got…just everything.”

Tasha says while she doesn’t know what motivated the shooter, the toddler caught in the crossfire didn’t deserve to get hurt.

“It’s sad. I don’t know what the history of it is or what, but it is sad, that baby had nothing to do with it. And he was coming out, probably taking his kid to the center up here…(the) daycare,” said Tasha.

Investigators say they’re now reviewing security camera footage that may have caught the shooting.

“If you have any information regarding this shooting, again, that’s involving a small child, one of our most important people in the community, if you can reach out to us and give us that information it would be much appreciated,” said Lt. Ross.

The toddler is expected to be okay. Police have no suspects in the shooting at this time.

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