Neighbors Speak Out After Body is Found in Rockford Alley


Residents of the Rockford neighborhood where a man’s body was found Wednesday morning are reacting to the awful discovery.

“It’s scary cause you know, it’s just so close to home.”

Charles Williams lives just one block from the alley between Kent and Morgan Streets where the body was found. He says it doesn’t come as a surprise.

“It happens all the time though here,” said Williams. “People hear gunshots all the time. Mostly every other night.”

Detectives returned to the area Wednesday evening to re-interview nearby residents. The woman who discovered the man’s body did not want to appear on camera, but says the victim was possibly in his teens. She adds that he was laying on his back with feet crossed and his hands crossed over his chest. She also observed that he was wearing a pair of latex gloves and all white clothing, and appeared to have been shot.

Williams says the situation is scary, since the neighborhood is filled with children.

“The kids stay running around playing, so you know, it’s just nerve-racking to see the way things going now,” he said.

Williams says he won’t sit by as his neighborhood becomes more violent. He wants to get together with other residents to start a Neighborhood Watch program.

“You know, for us to get together and just watch each other’s back,” he said.

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