Never Before Seen Video of Fairdale Tornado Destruction

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We’re seeing video for the first time of the devastation left to the town of Fairdale just seconds after the EF-4 tornado leveled the area.

“Is there people in this house?,” shouts Brian Wruck as he recorded the tornado’s aftermath.  The video is breathtaking.  It shows walls of homes completely torn off and debris littered everywhere.

“30 seconds… that’s all it took,” said Wruck.  “It was quick.”

Wruck had gone to safety in his basement as he saw the tornado approach and while his home was virtually untouched, he came out to see the incredible damage to his neighbors.  Wruck told us about the experience in an interview with Meteorologist Candice King last year.

“I continue looking up and I see buildings missing.  They’re just gone.”

Sights and sounds that will forever be etched into his mind, along with everyone else who was in Fairdale that dreadful day.

“It’s almost like it wasn’t real.  You see the stuff on TV, but to actually go through it, it’s almost unexplainable.”

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