A new ad campaign reveals a brewing fight within the republican party, over whether Governor Rauner should be re-nominated.  Rauner now faces two primary challengers and growing signs of non-support from members of his party.

A new campaign ad that was released, attacked Governor Bruce Rauner, with some choice words.  However, the attack isn’t from a democrat, but by Republican Gubernatorial Candidate William Kelly. The outspoken candidate used Governor Rauner’s own campaign ad template by using governors from states surrounding Illinois, thanking madigan for the job he’s done while he’s been in office.  Kelly chose Rockford’s Brian Leggero as his running mate.  Leggero says the message the candidate was trying to share, is simple.

“Well, obviously Bruce Rauner has angered a lot of citizens here in Illinois,” said Leggero.  “We hope to change things in Illinois, make things better and make it a place where people want to come to not flee from.”

There have been some republicans who were critical of the recent failures by the Governor on the budget and signing a bill that expanded abortion services.  Conservative State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-42nd) also announced she’s running against Rauner.  Some congressional republicans from Illinois have pointedly refused to endorse the governor.  However, State Senator Dave Syverson (R-35th) says there are still republicans in Springfield who support the governor.

“The governor has been limited with the reforms that he could make,” said Sen. Syverson. “The ones he has made, it has certainly helped Illinois get out of the real malaise that it was in.”

Syverson believes that the governor has done things that should earn him republican’s support for re-election.

“There are some major things that people will look at, like what he’s done for education,” said Syverson.  “How he’s made government more responsive and how he’s worked to cut spending.”

Syverson watched the campaign ad and says he believes republicans will see through it.

“Don’t decide on who you’re going to elect by what you see on a 30 second commercial,” said Syverson.

Primary elections are on March 20, 2018.