New Census data show population exodus from Winnebago County

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According to recent data released by the U.S Census, population in Winnebago has dropped by 1,300 residents in the last year.

Since 2010, it’s been more than 16,000.

The county had approximately 800 more births than deaths in the last year, and more than 2,100 residence who migrated somewhere else.

From July 2010 to July 2017, Winnebago County’s population decreased by 10,488 residents.

Across Illinois, the total population shrank in 83 out of 102 counties. Only four counties in the entire state have seen positive domestic migration since 2010.

Cook County had the highest population loss of any county in the entire U.S.

“The data reflect what many shrinking counties across Illinois are feeling, and it’s time for lawmakers to take action to turn things around,” said Orphe Divoungy, the chief economist at the Illinois Policy Institute. “Instead of hiking taxes on hardworking Illinoisans, the state needs to focus on a lower tax burden that would stimulate investment and job creation. A good first place to start would be a spending cap, which would tie growth in government spending to what taxpayers can afford.”

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