New details in Cedarville bar shooting as suspect appears in court


The man accused of shooting and killing two people early Sunday morning in Cedarville appeared in court on Thursday.

23-year-old Devin Marcum had been out on bond for only a week before police say he shot and killed Kyle Tucker and Shaun Bradbury, and wounded Michael Steinhauser, at the Cedar Inn bar.

The Stephenson County courtroom was filled wall-to-wall with family and friends of the three victims.

When Marcum entered the courtroom, sobbing echoed off the courtroom walls. The courtroom was also filled with extra security, essentially forming a barrier between Marcum and the people.

Marcum sat quietly as Lieutenant Brad Curtis from the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Office took the stand as the prosecution’s only witness.

Curtis read statements from two key witnesses who were outside the Cedar Inn early Sunday morning.

Curtis said the witnessess saw Marcum shoot three times into a window at the Cedar Inn. They said Tucker stepped in between Marcum and Steinhauser, telling Marcum to put his gun down, but Marcum pulled the trigger, ending Tucker’s life.

Police arrived to find Steinhauser with a gunshot wound to the neck, and Shaun Bradbury on the ground, surrounded by bar patrons trying to help him.

Curtis said that, when they questioned Marcum, he told officers that someone else shot the three men.

Police found an unloaded .380 semi-automatic handgun in Marcum’s waistband, which was the same type of gun used in the bar shooting.

Curtis also said police interviewed Marcum’s stepfather, who told officers Marcum was the suspect who shot into the Cedar Inn.

Marcum was also identified by the bartender and other witnesses at the scene.

After Curtis stepped off the stand, Marcum pleaded not guilty.

The courtroom emptied as friends and family left to attend Tucker’s funeral and the Embury United Methodist Church, just a few blocks away.

Marcum will have a jury trial beginning April 4th.

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