New State Law To Catch Uninsured Drivers


The state of Illinois embarks on an ambitious plan to get drivers with no insurance off the road using technology. But it turns out that technology may lead to delays in the program.

A bill passed earlier this year will help officers to check and keep track of driver’s insurance. Insurance companies’ databases and Secretary Of State’s databases would combine to make one main program.

“They would talk with each other.” said Sen. Dave Syverson (R-35th) “They would match people to say ‘Ok this person has insurance or this person doesn’t have insurance.'”

The state law was supposed to take effect in 2018, but because of delays in creating the software to combine the databases, it’s going to take longer.

“We’re really looking at 6 months to a year before this could really be capable of being implemented,” said Syverson.

The bill received support from both the senate and house when it passed back in August because legislators say it holds drivers accountable.

“One of the big frustrations we hear from people is when they get into accidents with individuals that either are driving illegal or driving without insurance,” said Syverson. “It’s the innocent driver that gets punished.”

Insurance King president Dan Block says there’s more uninsured drivers in Illinois than people think. He says people will pay for one month of an auto insurance policy to receive a proof of insurance card, and never make a payment again.

“There’s a lot of people that will carry an insurance card,” said Block. “I’d like to say it’s like garlic to a vampire, it keeps the cops away, but that card may not be good.”

Block says this new bill will have all the information to catch those breaking the law every day. “What this system does is eliminate the insurance card. They can literally look at your license plate, run your VIN number, it’s going to match it up to the person who registered the car, and your address and your driver’s license.”

If you get caught driving without insurance in Illinois, you’ll face a minimum fine of $500. Your license will also be suspended.

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