New state-of-the-art Cherry Valley Elementary School set to open Monday


Colorful hallways, touch screen TV’s and all new, custom furniture are part of a new, state-of-the-art elementary school opening on Monday.

“Everyone’s feeling a lot of excitement right now,” said Cherry Valley Elementary Principal Carolyn Timm. “There’s been a lot of momentum building up as this week goes on. We had registration last week. We still have parents registering this week. Kids are in awe and amazement when they walk into the building and are thrilled and excited to get in this building and let learning begin.”

Collaboration rooms at the new school, located at 6754 Armer Drive, Rockford, will allow teachers to work with smaller groups of students.

“Maybe their students can come to me and I can work with 6, 7, 8 kids in a group,” said 5th Grade Teacher, Michael Landi. “We can better use our resources in a more efficient and effective manner, when we group across the different classrooms versus ‘this is my class, I only work with these kids and that’s it.'”

21st century teaching and learning tools will play an important role in the new classrooms.

“Every classroom and every learning space, including social workers, psychologists, tutor rooms, every space in the building is equipped with a computer and a smart board,” Timm explained.

Cherry Valley is the first of two new elementary schools to open this year in District 205. It brings together students and staff from White Swan, Thompson, and the former Cherry Valley School.

“There’s going to be a learning curve for teacher and for the students and we’re going to work together, hand in hand, to make it an environment that everyone can learn and be successful in,” Landi said.

This is the last week to register to attend Cherry Valley Elementary.

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