New taskforce to decide which statues to add, remove from Illinois capitol


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — The review process to examine statues and monuments in the state capitol officially started today.

The House convened its first task force meeting with historians and experts to start scrutinizing which statues should stay or go.

Illinois Republicans and Democrats set out to ask: “Are the people we honored 100 years ago the same kinds of people we would honor today?”

Lawmakers laid out a process that takes a thorough, careful, consistent look at each statue and installs a strict set of parameters to vet the people honored in this way.

“Instead of having, you know, mobs tearing down statues and things like this. I mean, we have to come up with a sober process to evaluate these folks,” argued Rep. Time Butler (R-Springfield).

“I’m not interested in tearing down, but I am interested in removing certain statues,” said Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago).

States including Arizona, Tennessee, Ohio, and North Carolina have started similar statue reviews.

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