New Telemarketing Rules to Put Spotlight on Scammers


New rules instituted by the Federal Trade Commission will make it easier for consumers to spot telemarketing scams.

The new ruling will ban popular payment methods that scammers like to use, that were previously allowed among legitimate telemarketers. That includes wire transfers, pre-paid/reloadable debit cards and direct debits from checking accounts.

Now, consumers can instantly know anyone attempting these types of payments either digitally, by mail or by phone is a scammer and people should walk away from any business using those forms of payment.

“An educated consumer is an empowered consumer,” said Dennis Horton, director of the Rockford Regional Office of the Better Business Bureau. Horton recommends friends and family share this information so that everyone is enlightened.

With these new rules in effect, anyone who gets a telemarketing call and are told that the requested payment must be made using one of the banned payment methods, the caller is breaking the law. The caller is a con artist.

So far this year, the top reported scam is an ‘IRS scam’ which 6,400 people have fallen victim to, costing them an estimated $36.5 million.

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