New year, new laws: legislation changes to expect in 2019


The new year means new state laws in Illinois. On January 1st, more than 250 of them will be enacted. 2019 will see a wide variety of changes in legislation, from gun control to child safety laws.

Gun buyers will now have to wait 72 hours for all firearm purchases across the state. In July, Springfield passed the law to give law enforcement time to do proper background checks and to provide a “cooling off” period for people who may hurt themselves or others. The current 24-hour waiting period for stun guns and tasers will stay the same. Violating the law will be a Class 4 felony.

Also in the same month, legislators passed the Lethal Order of Protection bill. The new law allows family members or police to ask a judge to temporarily remove guns from someone they believe is a threat to themselves or someone else.

In August, Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill addressing child safety in cars, it requires children under two to be secured in a rear-facing car seat. Kids who weigh more than 40 pounds or are taller than 40 inches are exempt.

Animals are the focus of SB 2270. The new law allows police to take temporary custody of a pet in danger due to extreme weather conditions, either hot or cold. The officer must attempt to make contact with the owner, who will be responsible for any costs required for veterinary care.
Also next year, gyms can’t sign people into contracts that last more than year. Payment plans can’t last more than three years and gym owners still can’t charge more than $2,500 a year for a basic membership.

“I set my prices for what makes sense what I’m paying and all that stuff and what makes sense as far as business,” said gym owner Jeremy Ferry.

In 2019, blaze pink will also join blaze orange as an official hunting color in Illinois.

For a full list of new laws in 2019, click here.

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