Nordstrom selling hijabs to ‘celebrate and empower women’


(WTRF) – Nordstrom has introduced a new line of products, x Henna & Hijabs.

Nordstrom created an exclusive line in collaboration with Minneapolis’ Henna & Hijabs (H&H).

H &H was founded when Hilal Ibrahim couldn’t find a hijab to wear to an Eid al-Fitr celebration and knew other women were having the same challenge.

“This collection is all about celebrating and empowering women who are frequently underrepresented in the retail space. Hijabs are beautiful and so are the women that wear them,” says Hilal.

You can purchase a hijab or headscarf here.

Hijabs are a traditional garment worn in the Islamic and Muslim world to conceal a woman’s head, hair and chest while in the company of unrelated males, to avoid sexual attention. Women are required by law to wear a hijab in Iran.

Under Islam, the garment is meant to symbolize a woman’s submission to God.

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