Northern Illinois University is holding camps for those interested in video game design.

They’ll host seven camps in total throughout the summer. This week is specifically for girls, grades 5 through 9, who are interested in the industry.

Camp offerings are designed for students in grades five through 9.  

June 11 – Just for Girls! Video Game Design (Day Camp) 

June 18 – Minecraft and Video Game Design (Day Camp)

June 24 – STEM Video Games Camp (High School Residential Camp)

July 9 – Robotic Programming and Video Game Design (Day Camp)

July 16 – Python and PyGame Video Game Design (Day Camp)

July 22 – STEM Video Games (Middle School Residential Camp)

July 29 – STEM Careers Video Games Design (High School Residential Camp) 

Day camps are priced at $250 a week, residential camps $650.

“In our camps kids get to play video games,” Click continues. “But they are also asked to 
think critically about them. When we teach sound effects, they are asked to play a game, and pay 
attention to how the sound effects help the game. The same is true for graphics, animation, 
game play…all the elements of the video game experience.” 

Each of the one-week camp sessions focuses on a particular game, tool or design software, 
but they are united by common skills and goals. In each, students will learn the essentials of 
video game design – from developing a game story and characters to designing the game 
interface, sound effects, goals and rules.