Ogle County Offering “Zika Virus Kits”


For the first time in history, a travel warning has been issued for an area within the continental United States. The CDC is cautioning people to avoid traveling to Miami, Florida, all because of the Zika Virus.

“This is a first.,” said Joanie Padilla of the Ogle County Health Dept. “There has been a travel warning in effect to Puerto Rico since January.”

It’s those warnings that inspired the Ogle County Health Department to begin giving out “Zika Virus Kits”, which contain two different types of FDA approved bug repellant, and detailed information on how to protect yourself against mosquito bites.

“Our residents, like most other residents of other counties, they travel. And the games are coming up, and so we wanted to be able to bring about some awareness about Zika and other vector-born diseases,” said Padilla.

Seven Ogle County residents have come in to get the kits so far. Some are planning to travel to Florida, while others are planning trips outside the U.S., to places like Brazil and Honduras.

Padilla says it’s best not to travel to Zika-effected areas, but if you must, be sure to take all the necessary precautions — especially if you’re pregnant.

“They should wear long sleeves, long pants. Stay inside in an air-conditioned place with intact screens on all the windows and the doors. And when they go out, use an FDA registered repellant,” said Padilla.

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