Olympic Tavern Sign Offers Free Beer to Road Workers


A sign on a local tavern tells construction workers that if they get a road work project done by Monday, they’ll buy them a beer.

The sign outside the Olympic Tavern on North Main reads, “Free Beer for IDOT Crew if Road Work is Done by Mon.”

N. Main has been under extensive construction for two years now, and that’s made access to the restaurant and bar more difficult, so the Olympic Tavern management and staff have been keeping a sense of humor about it.

What passersby and IDOT workers may not realize however is that the deadline has already passed. “I put it up last week and I don’t think they were done by Monday so I should probably take the sign down,” Olympic Tavern Manager Zak Rotello told ‘Eyewitness News’.  “But definitely it got some good attention online for that which I appreciate. One of our fans put it on Reddit, and it got a couple of hundred thousand views on there.”

That was the goal all along.  Rotello says he likes to experiments with offbeat messages on his signage, which he says gets more attention than posting specials or other information.

As for the construction work, Rotello says he’s been pleased with the communication from IDOT.  He’s been told this phase of the project should wrap up in a few weeks.

There is one more phase of construction on N. Main to the north of the restaurant to begin next year.

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