ON A MISSION: Roscoe Woman Creates Petition to Make Winnebago Co. Animal Services “No Kill”


“He immediately jumped into our arms,” said Roscoe resident Becky Grammier as she pet her dog Hossi. She’s the mom of three pups total, but both Hossi and Taddeo were rescued from what Grammier calls certain death.

“[Taddeo] came from a very high kill shelter and he had…mange and ear infections, staph infections so he most certainly would’ve been put down if a rescue hadn’t come to his aid,” explained Grammier, “and the same with Hossi “

Now, Grammier is hoping to give other sheltered animals the life her dogs have. She’s started up a Facebook page and  petition urging Winnebago County Animal Services to become a “no kill” shelter.

“Winnebago [County] has done better. They were 35 percent last year, they’re 33 percent euthanasia  rate this year, but that’s still not good enough,” said Grammier.

Hundreds have signed on to Grammier’s petition which is also directed at Winnebago County board members.

“I think most people want to see animals live,” said District 8 board member Eli Nicolosi. He says making the switch is a no brainer, but fears finances could make it difficult.

“We’d have to see how much this costs: how much it costs to keep animals in versus keeping them out, versus adoption, and all those things,” said Nicolosi, “and again we’re completely open to the idea if they want to bring it in we’ll take a look.”

Grammier says there are plenty of revenue negatives associated with euthanasia. And to keep costs down at a “no kill” shelter, she suggests implementing several steps listed on her petition. But Grammier admits it also take creativity to make it a success.

“It’s just thinking outside the box, truly, and again just doing everything they can to save the animals, ” said Grammier.

Eyewitness News reached out to Winnebago County Animal Services, but officials there declined to comment at this time.

For a link to Grammier’s “Come Together to Make Winnebago County Animal Services a ‘No-Kill’ Shelter” Facebook page, click here. You can find a link to Grammier’s petition here.

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