Many plants have now been successfully grown from Oregon High School’s new, solar-powered, “off-the-grid” greenhouse. From the LED lights donated from Happy Leaf, it’s now able to sustain itself.

“The forward thinking into getting the latest, greatest technology for our students. This is just a perfect example of it. Allowing our students to excel and proving an advantage to them going forward,” said OHS Agricultural Teacher Josh Nelson.

Students at the school will be in charge of maintaining it through their Agricultural Club. One student says that learning from this could help her build more independence in the future.

“That way, you know how to do it when you’re older, so you’re not just depending on other people,” said Sophomore Diana Clausen.

 It even has it’s own basement. Rather, Earth-room…where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate as much, so the building will be heated in the winter and cooler in the summer. It’s one of the many aspects that make the new house so durable.  

“A unique facility one of a handful in the entire nation,” said Nelson. “It’s a prototype looking at growing our food year-round completely without any energy.  

It’s passive-hydroponic as well, which means no soil is needed. While there’s only a few plants now, Nelson and his students hope to grow many more luscious and plentiful plants.

“If we’re able to grow these fruits or vegetables year-round without any cost, we’re almost creating a free food that has been fresh, organic and an opportunity that I think every American would look forward to,” said Nelson.

“You know where your food is coming, you know what you’re eating and putting into your body,” said Sophomore Jessica Brink.