Oscar’s Tires is Re-opening After Fire


Oscar’s Tires owner, Oscar Murillo, described the feeling of dealing with the aftermath of a fire “like you get in a room, a dark room, and somebody’s punching you with pillows from all directions.”

Murillo was was visiting his 15-year-old son when he got a call from his wife saying a fire at erupted at his business, Oscar’s tires, on November 17th, destroying the facility.

It caused an estimated $300,000 dollars in damage.  Now all that’s left is a pile of snow-covered rubble.

“I cried maybe three days, but no more than that. Then you have to get up and keep fighting,” said Murillo.

That’s exactly what he has done. In less than a month, he found a new location, at 2602 17th Street, about half a mile from the original, where he can continue to do business.

But it hasn’t come easy. The insurance for his shop, only covers two vehicles.

“I think it’s only going to cover a motorcycle and a car,” said Murillo.

Murillo was forced to dip into family savings to cover the cost. On top of that, a competitor came in to try to serve his customers.

“God works in mysterious ways,” said Murillo. “Another guy came from Elgin to here, trying to do a competition, or take advantage of customers that we could not help. He helped them.”

However, the owner sold the remaining tires they had, leaving the path open to Murillo once again.
Long-time customers are saying they’re excited everything is working out.

“[I’m] excited for him, you know. I think the location is wonderful,” said Rockford Resident Sue DiMarco. “It’s even closer to my house, it’s beautiful, it’s spacious, organized and they always seem well staffed.”

Oscar’s Tires new location will be 2602 17th Street in Rockford. He will officially be opened next Monday, December 19.

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