Students from Saint Anthony College of Nursing host a community health fair at the Rockford Rescue Mission. It’s a partnership between OSF and the Mission that’s mutually beneficial.

    St. Anthony College of Nursing student Nick Swartout says, “We are honing in on our education skills and while also benefiting them as well. Teaching them important healthy lifestyles and stuff like that, that they wouldn’t normally have access to.”

    Students provide information on a number of health related issues and do free blood pressure checks for Mission guests.

    Rockford Rescue Mission’s Carrie Fox says, “The homeless community doesn’t necessarily have the health education or the background or the resources to find that information. So this is a great opportunity for them to be able to share the basics about influenza, pneumonia, how to treat that, the risks, the factors so it’s very beneficial for them to get educated.”

    Promoting health and disease prevention by bringing information directly to people is powerful.

    Nursing student Riley Ann Maloney says, “There’s such a need for this health promotion and disease prevention part of care. And so to be here and be able to see that really sends it home in our last semester here.”

     Helping to keep people healthy is why many of the students chose the nursing profession.

     Karolina Sierotnik, also a nursing student says, “We’re learning from them just as much as they’re learning from us. And being able to teach them is more humbling then anything. And so being able to do that for them is just awesome.” Fellow student Nick Swartout agrees, “I chose nursing as a career because I love helping people. I love making a difference in someone’s life.”