Oswego East football team raises lonely teen’s spirits


OSWEGO, Ill. (WTVO) – Oswego East High School Junior, Andrew Schultz, was sitting alone at lunch as the new school year began. Andrew’s mom, Lisa Schultz, noticed how difficult this was for Andrew so she reached out on social media.

According to ABC 7, Lisa made her social media post on an Oswego Moms page, where she explained how her son with autism just wanted to have some company at lunch.

“I basically went in prayer and said, ‘God, send Andrew one friend,'” Lisa said. “He just said that he was sitting in the cafeteria by himself and just completely alone.”

Initially, Lisa’s post to the social media page resulted with one girl sitting with Andrew at lunch.

“Almost felt like I was being with people all of a sudden,” Andrew said.

Soon after, sophomore football coach Tyler Allison got involved and had the football team sitting at lunch with Andrew.

“I got my players in a group message and texted them, anybody that had that lunch, go and visit him and if you didn’t have the lunch just say hi to him in the hallways,” Allison said.

Andrew was apprehensive at first, but everything changed when he went to the Friday night football game.

“At first, I didn’t want to hang out with them but then on Friday when we went to their game, it was like literally one of the best things I’ve ever seen,” Andrew said.

The football team invited Andrew to be the team manager and he did the coin toss at the start of the game.

“They were, like, the best people who I’ve ever met in my life,” Andrew said, talking about the players on the football team.

Andrew will continue going to the field on Friday nights cheering on his new friends.

“I have cried so many times, just you know, the love that these kids have shown my son and it’s just that awareness and it’s just beautiful,” Lisa said.

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