Paper shredding, cyber security, all in a day’s work for Loves Park company


LOVES PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — It’s not quite rising from the ashes, but maybe…the shreddings?

That’s the short version of the success a local company has had making what’s old new again.

“When I started working with Paper Recovery, I didn’t realize I’d get so excited for this type of business. I didn’t know it existed,” said Beth Appino, chief operating officer of Paper Recovery Service, 7972 Crest Hills Drive.

Appino has been with the company for the last decade, a type of business that didn’t exist until 1993.

“We had two employees, one truck, one forklift, and one real small baler,” remembered president Frank Graceffa, who’s been in the recycling business since 1976.

The company has grown tremendously since he started it.

“It was market-driven. There was a niche that we needed to fill in this area, which we have done,” he said.

Now, there’s a whole fleet of semis and mobile shred trucks.

The company has three locations to handle everything from shredding confidential documents, to recycling paper and scrap metal, big and small.

“We divert about, just in the corrugated side, about 2,000 tons a month of corrugated (products), away from the landfills,” Graceffa said.

Instead, those paper products are re-used. Workers call it getting “mill ready, where it is sent to other companies which transform it into something that may eventually end up in the homes of consumers.

“When you see the recycling symbol on (a package), that a good percentage of that paper that’s in there is recycled,” he said.

“We really kind of touch all areas, plus the nationwide paper recycling that we do,” Appino added. “There’s not too many people we don’t touch with this business.”

Paper Recovery Service is also involved in identity theft prevention and cyber security.

“We have the opportunity, where if you want to come and see the paper being shredded, you’re more than welcome to,” Graceffa said.

The company takes security responsibility seriously. It’s one reason Paper Recovery Service branched out into a new area, protecting information by shredding computer hard drives.

“They used to just be able to just punch (a hole) in a hard drive and obviously, we know that’s not good enough,” Appino said. “So, to be able to shred it, not only does it get completely destroyed, but then all that material goes then to the metal yard to get melted down, so it’s recycling it as well. So, it’s a start to finish process.”

Graceffa says, next to the impact he’s having on the environment, it’s the people who make what he does so important.

“I’m really happy about the fact I’ve got 75 families that depend on decisions we make, and it makes me feel good when I see all my people and how happy they are, and it really makes you feel good.”

Some of the company’s services cost money, like the hard drive destruction. A link to their services can be found here.


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