Parents of Oregon Boating Crash Victim Question Lack of Blood Alcohol Test


Newly-revealed investigation videos from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) show the condition of Marc Mongan hours after the boat he was piloting collided with a pontoon boat carrying Megan Wells, killing her. The investigator noted that Mongan was still showing signs of intoxication.

“You know, when I did your field sobriety and stuff like that…I mean, you just…all the stuff, your eyes, even now, are still red and bloodshot and they’ve been the whole time,” IDNR Officer Steve Beltran says to Mongan in the video. “[There’re] strong indicators of impairment in your eyes.”

The IDNR investigator goes on to say that not only did Mongan fail field sobriety tests — his boat actually sped up in the moments before the crash. But no blood alcohol test was ever taken.

“Every day we miss her,” said Dave Swaziek of his daughter, Megan.

“She was just fun. Everybody will say it. Her smile lit up the room,” added Megan’s mother Robin Swaziek.

The Swazieks are outraged that Mongan is facing only misdemeanor charges after killing their daughter, a mother of three. They say they’re angry that the Ogle County State’s Attorney did not push for felony charges against Mongan, even though they were strongly recommended by the IDNR.

In a letter to the Swazieks, State’s Attorney Eric Morrow claims the evidence against Mongan is not strong enough. He cites the lack of a blood alcohol test on Mongan, and issues with the field sobriety testing, saying Mongan “completed some of the field sobriety tests with little difficulty.”

But IDNR documents dispute that, saying Mongan failed every single field sobriety test he took. And when the IDNR officer called Morrow for a warrant to get a blood test, they say he refused to contact a judge to get one.

“I was shocked,” said Dave. “You know, this is a situation that it was of such a serious nature that you shouldn’t even have to be asked as a State’s Attorney to get a warrant, you should just automatically get a warrant.”

New court documents, filed by Morrow, claim he felt a blood draw would not have helped the case against Mongan. The state’s attorney sai “evidence garnered from a blood draw five and a half to six hours after the incident occurred would most likely have been detrimental to the prosecution of the defendant.” However, IDNR documents show Officer Beltran made the request only a couple hours after the crash occurred.

Morrow does have a history with the Mongan family, having represented two other relatives on DUI charges. The Swazieks believe that has affected his judgment and he needs to be taken off the case.

“It’s just very interesting and raises so many questions,” said Dave. “And this is from the very beginning of this tragic situation.”

State’s Attorney Morrow says the family and their lawyer have no proof of their allegations that he has ties to the Mongan family. State’s Attorney Morrow was unable to do an interview, since the court case is still ongoing.

Mongan’s lawyers have repeatedly called the crash a “tragic accident”. His next court date is June 13th.

To view the documents and videos related to this investigation yourself, click here.

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