Passenger tries to bring 2-foot machete through security checkpoint at Bradley Airport


Transportation Security Administration officers stopped a traveler with a “very long, very sharp machete” who tried to get through the security checkpoint at a Connecticut airport recently. 

According to TSA Public Affairs spokesperson Lisa Farbstein, the traveler was trying to get through the checkpoint at Bradley International Airport.

WTNH in New Haven, Connecticut reported that the passenger was given the option to check the machete in his bag, but chose to surrender it to TSA instead.

“Quick give me the top 5 reasons you’d need a machete on an airplane. Go!” Farbstein tweeted along with a photo of the machete. 

The responses varied, from “Cut through the cookie or cracker packaging that is always impossible to open without spilling everywhere,” to “Snakes on a plane. Duh.”

One of our favorites: “To reclaim the arm rests! To block the drink cart from knocking elbows. Free up the lavatory with ease. Crack open a window. Cigar cutter (1960).”

In a follow-up tweet, Farbstein shared another photo showing “a box of prohibited items” TSA officers have collected at the airport. 

“You’ll notice a lot of wine bottle openers. These bottle openers have knives attached. Tip: Most hotels and B&Bs have bottle openers that you can borrow. No need to bring one,” she said.

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