Patty Blagojevich blames “corrupt Obama-era Justice Department” for husband’s incarceration

rod and patty blagojevich

The former Illinois First Lady Patty Blagojevich blames “corrupt Obama-era Justice Department and FBI” for her husband, Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s incarceration in new editorial for the Washington Examiner.

“Little did we know how truly corrupt the Obama-era Justice Department and FBI really were,” Patty Blagojevich writes. “With predawn raids, overzealous prosecutors with a flair for big, flashy press conferences and the need to secure convictions at all costs, even when the evidence suggests otherwise, we have learned the hard way how some prosecutors have weaponized their unchecked power to criminalize the routine practices of politics and government.”

Rod Blagojevich was impeached and removed from office for corruption in 2008, for soliciting bribes for political appointments, including President Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat. 

“That sensational charge is what people remember, but it was a lie,” Patty Blagojevich continues. “In July 2015, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed those charges, ruling that the so-called ‘sale of the Senate seat’ was not a crime. It was nothing more than routine ‘political logrolling.'”

She is quoted as saying, “Special counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI chief James Comey, and Fitzgerald have done more than enough damage to our family. Their politically biased agendas and insatiable desire to convict, even where no crimes exist, should frighten every single citizen in our country.”

Blagojevich is currently in his seventh year of a 14 year prison sentence.

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