Pecatonica farm hosts baby goat yoga

To many, yoga is a great calming way to start off their day, but a Pecatonica farm decided to spice up a yoga session by adding baby goats!
“I haven’t been around farm animals in a while, so this was fun,” Debra Detweiler, Goat Yoga participant, said.
Imagine holding the downward facing dog position with goats roaming around, some even jumping on backs.
“Almost like a massage because they’re like walking on my back, so it kind of feels good,” Detweiler said.
Baby goat yoga is taking over Greta’s Goats at Short Leg Farm. Greta Winkelbauer has been farming for the past nine years and holding yoga classes is her way of having people meet their local farmers.
“I want people to feel more connected to their food source, to see where their food comes from, meet their farmer and just be more involved with the farm,” Winkelbauer said.
“I had no idea what to expect or how to plan for it or how to really plan for it,” Kim Nemire, certified yoga instructor, said.
Kim Nemire led Sunday’s class. For the longtime yoga instructor, she says the goats made the yoga more interesting.
“There are a lot of unique postures or sequences of postures that we do to try to get the goats to interact with the people,” Nemire said.
“I saw it on Facebook ‘Baby Goat Yoga’ and I was like ‘oh that would be fun,’” Colleen WInterland, Goat Yoga participant, said. “It’s something different and out of the ordinary to bring some joy to life.”
Making it a girls trip, Colleen and Margo came to class together and as someone who practices yoga, Margo says this was a class like no other.
“Yoga generally is more of a peaceful calming thing and this was more fun and giggly and silly,” Margo Anders, Goat Yoga participant, said.
Her advice for those looking to sign up for the next session.
“If they like animals and being silly and goofy and don’t mind getting much yoga accomplished, it’s a lot of fun,” Anders said.
“It’s just a light hearted way to just have a fun afternoon like if they jump on you when you’re doing a pose, so it’s just humor and almost calmness too so it’s like a ying and a yang to it,” Winkelbauer said.
Greta’s farm also does goat snuggle sessions.
If you’re interested, sign up quickly. Greta’s Baby Goat Yoga class for May is already sold out, but there are a few spots left for the June class.
If not, you’ll have to wait until August to do yoga with the goats.
You can sign up for the next event on Greta’s website.

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