Pet Pig Roams Belvidere Streets


A surprising sight on the streets of Belvidere, a pet pig on the loose.

The swine was spotted walking down State Street in Belvidere.  No, this little piggy wasn’t going to market.  In fact, Cooper was out taking a stroll.  His pig parent, Catherine Ellsworth, was frantically searching for him.

“I called Boone County Animal Control [and] gave them my information,” said Ellsworth.  “We drive back by my house and one of the policemen were here and told us where he was at.  He was done the road meandering, scratching, being his normal pig self.”

Cooper is a glutton for attention in his neighborhood.  When Ellsworth takes him out, she says it’s the onlookers who squeal.

“We’ll walk him with the dogs and everybody’s like, ‘Is that a pig?’ and so everybody’s always asking if it’s a pig.   They love to take pictures of him.”

The three year-old porker picked a particularly interesting day to make a break for it.  Friday is after all National Bacon Day.

“We don’t call him bacon. We don’t call him ham. I have a friend that calls him Pork Chop.  But we don’t call him [that], he’s Cooper.”

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