Pet Safety During 4th of July Celebrations


Usually this time of the year means there are a lot of celebrations and large gatherings. While it may be fun for us that may not always be the case for some of our furry counterparts.

Fireworks on display, people all gathered around for the festivities,  but there are some that would want to opt out.
The fourth of july is a day to celebrate freedom in the U.S., but man’s best friend, doesn’t have much to celebrate during this holiday.

Winnebago County Animal Shelter Technician, Michelle Block, says the celebrations can have a serious effect on dogs.

“There’s a lot of dogs that might not show anxiety, that have anxiety,” said Block. “When theres loud noises, lots of people and stuff going on.”

The loud noises from the fireworks can cause your furry family member stress.  Signs your pet might be anxious include shifty eye movements, excessive panting or drooling and pacing back and forth.  Pets tend to run away from the noises, which sometimes can leave them homeless.

Block says the fourth of July weekend is normally busy with displaced dogs.

“On the fourth and around big holidays we tend to get a lot of strays in because they run away,” said Block.

However, there are ways you can help your furry friends stay calm during this busy and loud time of the year..
Animal Activist, Kathy Mehalko, says there are steps you can take to distract your dog from their stress and ease their nerves.

“I turn on loud music, I put my pets in the basement. We go down there we watch TV,” said Mehalko. “I keep the music on and I try to hold out down there until the fourth celebration is over.”

It’s something Block agrees with, she says giving your pet a safe space to help them unwind can help them stay calm.

“It’s always a good idea to have a safe place for your dog,” said Block.

If your pet does manage to run away or escape the Winnebago County Animal Shelter recommends going to their location to find your lost pet. They also recommend name tags on their collar and getting a microchip for your pet.

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