Photo show parents with 5-year-old daughter fighting brain cancer, hours before death


A heartbreaking photo posted to Facebook show Zoey Daggett’s parents with her hours before her death. The 5-year-old suffered a two year battle with a brain tumor before passing away on July 4th.

Ben and Casey Daggett allowed the photograph to be taken by a nurse, according to WLS

“We were crying, we were talking to her and telling her how much we loved her and that it’s going to be okay,” Casey Daggett, Zoey’s mom, told ABC. “We were crying just telling her about memories.”

Zoey suffered from a type of brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.

The family maintains a Facebook page called Zoey’s Light to keep friends and family members updated on Zoey’s condition, but now they want to use it to honor Zoey and use their experiences to help other families in similar situations.

“Ever since the beginning, I’ve always shared the good photos and I’ve always shared the bad photos,” Daggett explained. “I didn’t expect the photo to go viral. I had no idea that it was going to happen, but I felt that it needed to be shared…it was the love that we shared for her.”

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