WEST UNION, Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) — A major mass coronal ejection on Sunday afternoon made its way toward Earth just in time to interact with the atmosphere late into the night. The strength of this geomagnetic storm reached so far south that Illinois could few the aurora borealis. It is very unusual for the spectacle to be seen so far south.

Ryan Pinkston shared the following images with WTWO. These images of the northern lights were captured using a 30-second long exposure above West Union, Illinois at approximately midnight (CDT).

Daniel Parker captured the following images from just north of Dunlap, Ill.

The view of the lights traveled farther south than Illinois, with viewers in Kansas sharing the following video with our Nexstar sister station WHO 13.

If you have photos of the Northern Lights captured in our area and you would like to share them with WTWO, please attach them and send them to the newsroom email here.