Pit bull rescued from dog fighting ring joins police force

Dallas police dog

A 3-year-old pit bull who was rescued from a dog fighting ring has been recruited to train as a police K-9.

The dog, named Dallas, was one of 30 dogs rescued from a Canadian dog fighting ring, according to the Washington Post.

Court records showed that the dogs were chained to metal stakes, and muzzles, sticks, steroids, and suture kits were found on the property.

Five people were charged with animal cruelty violations.

Dallas and the other 17 animals seized were scheduled to be euthanized, based on a behavioral assessment that considered them to be dangerous.

Dallas has been training for six weeks to learn how to sniff out narcotics in the Virginia town of Honaker.

“We are going to treat him just like a regular officer,” said Police Chief Brandon Cassell. “We know what he is going to wear, have ordered him a badge and are going to welcome him to the department just like we would a human officer.”

When Dallas finishes his training, he will live and work with Officer Cody Rowe.

“I worked with a lot of German shepherds, but I remember many handlers worked with pit bulls,” Rowe said. “They are incredible police dogs. … It’s amazing to watch them work.”

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