Planned Parenthood of Illinois has new initiative to provide free birth control to eligible patients

CHICAGO - Planned Parenthood has a new initiative designed to offer free IUDs, condoms, vaginal rings, birth control shots and oral contraceptive pills. 

The Access Birth Control (ABC) program is set on offering these things to eligble patients through January 2021. It covers patients facing any financial barriers paying for birth control methods. 

This includes patients with insurance but have a high, unmet deductible, insurance that does not include birth control coverage, insurance coverage under their parent/guardian but have confidentiality concerns and Title X who are unable to pay the sliding fee portion.

The program does not cover the cost of visits or any other services received, like STI testing and UTI treatment. These services may be covered under Title X funding or insurance plans. 

Those interested in the ABC program can click here.

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