Pokémon GO Has Become Crazily Popular and Addicting

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Pokémon GO is taking over the world by storm. Simply using the terms “popular” and “addicting” don’t do the app justice. The number of downloads and players is breaking records — and the game has been out for less than a week.

Since coming out, Nintendo’s valuation has increased by a whopping $9 billion! If that isn’t a crazy enough statistic, take this one into account: just as many people, if not more, are using the app as Twitter! And it hasn’t even expanded to the entire world yet.

The app was installed on 5.16% of all Android devices in the US by July 8th, just three days after its release. That is more than the online dating app Tinder.

The game helps bring people together by placing “gyms” and “Pokéstops” at random geographical places across the country. These are the places that those playing the game (trainers) want to travel to, either by foot or vehicle. Some are claiming this togetherness is helping some fight depression and anxiety.

The app also encourages exercising by placing many “Pokéstops”, “gyms”, and Pokémon in spots where you can only reach them by walking, not driving.

Reports of hundreds of people at one time being at any given “Pokéstop” or “gym” have been on the increase. For example, head to the area surrounding the Nicholas Conservatory along the Rock River. There are numerous hotspots for trainers. You’ll likely see hundreds of trainers while walking those paths.

There are some negative aspects to the game that have been revealed, including many people playing while operating a vehicle, criminals using rare Pokémon locations to lure unsuspecting players and rob them, and people not paying attention while playing, leading to accidents and injuries.

But there’s no denying the fact that the game has become an extremely quick sensation. Nearly everywhere you go you will likely see at least one trainer attempting to “Catch ’em All.”

So, do you have what it takes to be the very best, that no one ever was?

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