Pokémon GO is Literally Taking Over the Stateline


“I play every single time I go for a run. I just play every time I go outside.”

“I probably spend six to eight hours. Just depends on the day.”

“Obviously one of the fastest growing games. And it’s just a really fun game to play.”

It’s the app that’s taking the U.S. by storm: Pokémon GO. It’s a game that allows users to be Pokémon trainers and wander the world catching Pokémon that appear on your phone’s camera as if they really existed.

The game uses GPS data to track where you are. Some locations feature Pokéstops to collect items, some places have gyms to battle and then there’s Pokémon, which pop up randomly. But it’s not every day you can walk around and find rare Pokémon like Charizard.

It encourages players to keep playing.

“You get to be out, spend more time with people who enjoy the same thing. I haven’t seen this many people at Sinnissippi since I don’t know,” says Mason Grieg, an avid Pokémon GO player.

The game has already “caught ’em all” by surpassing Tinder on Android. It sees more daily active users than Twitter. Players spend an average of over 40 minutes a day playing. Nintendo’s market value has risen nearly nine billion dollars. And in-app purchases gain $1.6 million a day.

And health experts believe the app has benefits.

“For those people who are like, ‘no i hate exercise,’ it’s a great way to get people out and see that exercise isn’t all about just pushups, sit-ups, and running,” says Swedish American Clinical Dietician Shirley Poole.

But there are some reminders for those trying to be the very best.

“I would encourage everybody to stay in, you know, public places, public property, shopping areas, where the public is,” Assistant Deputy Chief Pat Hoey said.

“Respect any of the properties that they are on. Adhere to any of the rules that are in place,” Rockford Park District Public Relations Manager Laura Green says.

So that leaves one more thing.

“If you’ve ever wanted to be the best there ever was and “catch ’em all,” well this is the absolute perfect time. That’s what I’m about to go do, I gotta go get more Pokémon, catch more Pokémon, so I’ll see ya out there.”

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