After a 27-year-old Davenport driver led law enforcement on an early-morning pursuit Tuesday, officers found a gun and meth in the stolen car he was driving.

Jontavius Johnson faces felony charges of controlled substance violation, second-degree criminal mischief, failure to affix a drug stamp, eluding – injury, OWI, drugs or participating in a felony, possession of a firearm by a felon, assault on persons in certain occupations – use/display of weapon, and second-degree theft; and serious misdemeanor charges of operating while under the influence – first offense and possession or carrying of a dangerous weapon while under the influence, according to court records.

Shortly before 12:30 a.m., Davenport Police tried to stop a red 2011 Chevrolet Cruze for window tint, affidavits say. “The vehicle fled from them and they did not pursue,” arrest affidavits say.

A few minutes later, a state trooper found the vehicle traveling the wrong way on West Third Street at Oak Street, Davenport. Johnson was driving the Cruze, which was stolen out of Davenport on July 24, affidavits say.

The car turned south on Oak Street, and the trooper began a pursuit that continued east on West Second Street and north on Cedar Street. Johnson failed to stop for a stop sign at West Third Street and turned west on West Fourth before turning north on Oak, affidavits say.

Johnson turned west on West Fifth Street and turned north on Pine Street, ran the stop sign turning west on Telegraph Road and tried to turn east on West Third Street, losing control before turning back and traveling westbound against the one-way traffic on Telegraph, affidavits say.

The trooper then chased Johnson south on Waverly and westbound on West Third Street and tried to box in the vehicle. As it was coming to a stop, the trooper got out of his squad car and began giving verbal commands to Johnson, affidavits say.

“I attempted to box Johnson in from the rear when he accelerated forward, striking Trooper Swartz’s squad car, causing approximately $6,500 in damage,” the affidavit says.

After he was unable to continue westbound, Johnson placed his vehicle in reverse and accelerated backward toward a squad car causing about $3,500 in damage, affidavits say.

Johnson was able to continue eastbound against the one way traffic, and turned north on Waverly Road. Johnson accelerated to speeds of 65 mph in a posted 35 mph zone, affidavits say. He tried to elude multiple offices throughout neighborhoods, affidavits say.

Davenport Police successfully deployed stop sticks in the area of North Lincoln Avenue and West Locust Street. Johnson continued north until he reached West Lombard Street, where he lost control and went up on a curb, disabling the Cruze, affidavits say.

Johnson, who was carrying a black backpack, got out of the vehicle from the driver’s seat. “I observed him to be wearing a gray tank top and gray sweat pants. Johnson was carrying a black backpack,” affidavits say.

Johnson initially ran south but turned and ran back through a yard to the north. Law enforcement gave chase. Johnson ran back to the west and south.

“As he crossed Lombard, Johnson gave himself up and laid down. As he was laying down he tossed the bag to the south where it landed up on the utilities of 2129 N. Linwood Ave., Davenport,” affidavits say.

While being taken into custody, Johnson said that there was a gun in the bag. Johnson was taken into custody. The trooper searched him and located a plastic bag with about 7.5 grams of a crystalline substance suspected to be methamphetamine, affidavits say.

The gun did not have a round in the chamber. Both serial numbers were scratched to the point where they were illegible, affidavits say.

Also located in the bag was a pill container containing two more bags of suspected methamphetamine and a digital scale. None of the containers had drug tax stamps affixed to them.

Johnson requested medical assistance after being walked to a squad car. He had labored, accelerated breathing, a visible pulse in his neck, blood shot eyes and dry “cotton” mouth, affidavits say.

Johnson was transported to Genesis Medical Center – East Campus. In the ambulance, Johnson told medical staff he recently used meth, affidavits say.

After he was read his Miranda Rights, Johnson told a trooper he used meth earlier in the evening and this was the most he ever used. “Johnson stated that he smokes, eats or snorts it,” affidavits say.

A check of the vehicle registration showed the temporary tag to be fraudulent, affidavits say.

A check of Johnson’s driver’s license showed a surrendered driver’s license through Iowa. Johnson’s license also is suspended through Arkansas and expired through Illinois, affidavits say.

Johnson was found to have warrants for second-degree theft and failure to appear for a pretrial conference for first-degree theft, affidavits say.

He is being held on $30,500 bond in Scott County Jail, and is set to appear Aug. 26 for a preliminary hearing in Scott County Court.