ST. LOUIS, Mo. (WTVO) — A woman was charged after allegedly driving seven miles through a construction zone with her 31-year-old husband clinging to the hood of the car after the couple got into an argument.

According to the Berkeley Police Department, Stephanie Boyd, 38, “got into a verbal argument that turned physical” with her husband inside their home on Thursday.

She then got into the car to leave while he was splayed across the hood, and “left the residence with the victim still on the hood of the vehicle,” police said.

According to police, Boyd drove “recklessly at different speeds” onto Interstate 70, onto local roads, and through a construction zone. Police she drove 7 miles in total. An officer spotted her near the intersection of Airport Road and Whitewater Drive and attempted a traffic stop, but police said she did not pull over for another half mile.

She was subsequently charged with domestic assault.

Boyd was also charged with resisting arrest, creating a substantial risk of injury or death.