Police Explorers Beautify the Rockford Police Department


Half a dozen Police Explorers woke up this morning to help to give the Rockford Police Department District 3 building a facelift in an effort to make it more inviting to the community.

Brailey Tarbert was one of them, “today we are out here to beautify the station three for the Rockford Police” said Tarbert.

Bright and early, Brailey Tarbet and several members of the Police Explorers Post 911 were hauling
wheel barrel after wheel barrel filled with mulch and dumped it in front of the District 3 police station.

“We’re just laying mulch out trying to make it as nice as possible”, said Tarbet.

“We’re [the police] part of the community and since we’re part of the community we want it to be a welcoming location to the community”, explained Lt. Joel Givens.

Givens leads the Police Explorers, and aims to instill important life skills into it’s members.
Like empowering them to step up to become leaders, just like 15 year old Brailey.

“Today I was actually given the option. He was like ‘who wants to do it?’ and I was like ‘I will’ cause I’m the youngest one so I thought it would be a good
opportunity for me to take charge and be responsible”, said Brailey while explaining how she became today’s project manager.

The Explorers program allows anyone from 14 to 20 year old to learn and train about becoming a police officer.

Lt Joel Givens says, “the one’s that want to become police officers it’s a pipeline for us right into our police department”. Givens continues “when you [the Explorer] turn 21 you
can be a police officer. We kept them [the Explorer] in the program for quite some time and actually they’ve had more training than the average officer
thats coming out of the basic camp”

This helps Brailey, who wants to become a woman in blue, “I just want to be able to help stop all the bad things going on in the world” she says.

For those who aren’t dreaming of wearing the Rockford PD uniform, there are still valuable things the Explorers teach,
“we’re training them to be good respectable citizens” says Givens.

The Police Explorers are required to do one hundred hours of community service and
this is just one example of many they partake in to build life skills and beautify the city of Rockford.

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