Police Investigating String of Armed Robberies


Rockford Police are investigating 4 separate armed robberies that seem to have been committed by the same set of suspects.

Victims reported attacks in the 900 block of 21st St., near Fairview and Soper Ave., at 12th St. and 12th Ave., and at 12th St. and Broadway — all within a couple of hours on Monday night.

“In several of the incidents, there were similar suspect descriptions of a vehicle, a dark colored minivan. Also the suspect descriptions were similar of the people involved,” said Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann.

Pann says when a rash of robberies occurs, it’s usually a small group of people committing them. In this case, a group of juveniles.

“17-year-olds, really teenagers. And there was at least one male and at least one female; it varies from incident to incident,” said Pann.

Police believe they have one of the armed robbers —  a 17-year-old Rockford boy — in custody.

He was caught in a stolen Chrysler 300 near Glenwood and Prial avenues with two other teenagers who managed to escape on foot.

Pann says there has been a noticeable uptick in juvenile violent crime over the last year, and says the Rockford community as a whole needs to do something to fix it.

“We need the community to engage in our efforts to prevent these crimes by reaching out to these kids and helping to put together a holistic strategy to get the kids out of the criminal activity,” said Pann.

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