Police Say 3 Weekend Shootings Are Connected


Four Rockford shootings in 24 hours, leave two people dead and six others hurt. Police say their investigations have led them to believe not all the shootings were random acts.

“At this point, our investigations are leading us into the direction that all three shootings, were in fact, related,” said Rockford Police Assistant Deputy Chief Carla Redd. “Things have been pretty calm in the city for us for a little bit there, especially over the weekend. The calls just kept coming in regards to shootings over the weekend.”

One of the shootings resulted in the death of 25-year-old Marlon Pendleton. A Fairgrounds resident, who his friends say was a musician with a contagious smile.

“That’s why his legacy will live on through us and through his music and stuff like that,” said friend Jordan Hardy. “He was always a happy dude. He brought joy to everybody’s life who was around him.”

Police say they are also working on making the residents in these areas feel more secure in their neighborhoods.

“We have increased our patrol,” said Redd. “We do have some specific units that have been assigned to some of those areas.”

Hardy also hopes the people of Rockford will shatter their silence and become a voice against the violence that affects the community they all live in.

“Whoever lost their life to street violence or whatever it might be in Rockford, the community just needs to stand behind it. you know and just speak up.”

The other shooting on Elm Street on Friday night, which left two people wounded does not appear to be connected.

 Police say they hope with District One opening up in just over a week, that crime will decrease in the area.

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