Police Say Residents Helped Solve July Sablewood Murder


A Chicago man is behind bars after a fatal shooting on a Rockford street familiar with crime.Terrel Wilson is accused of shooting and killing Adrian Jamison on Sablewood Drive back in July of 2017. Investigators say they received a lot of help from nearby residents since then to help solve this case and other recent murder cases as well.

“The fact that we’ve indicted so many murders recently, that’s an indication that people are helping,” said Rockford Police Lt. Kurt A. Whisenand. “We can’t do this alone. As investigators, we’re completely dependent on the information from the people out there in the community.”

Just five weeks before the murder of Jamison — another shooting took the life of another Rockford man also on Sablewood Drive. A resident of the area says it’s up to them to speak up in order to make the neighborhood safer.

“It’s really important because what’s going on as if the residents don’t take the neighborhood back, the crime is going to come here,” said Mirsad Jahovic.

Rockford Police Chief Dan O’ Shea says although there is a lot of work to be done, steps are being made in the right direction because residents are standing up against the violence.

“I implore the community members to keep doing so,” said O”Shea. “I encourage them to reach out to their friends and families and keep giving us information, keep giving us tips, keep talking to us so we can get rid of these violent offenders.”

State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato says this is the 12th defendant they have charged since November. He adds in his 9 and half years in office, the last few months have shown a new progress towards solving violent crime in Rockford.

“This community is headed in a new direction,” said Bruscato. “The change that the citizens want so that they can live in a community that is safe is coming and is currently happening.”

Wilson is scheduled to appear in court on March 1st. If found guilty, he faces up to life in prison.

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