Police Search for 16-Year Old Suspect Wanted in Shooting Death of Donovan Ruland


Donavan Ruland’s mother, Nicole Foster, talks about how difficult this past week has been since she lost her son. “It’s hard… It’s hard for all of us,” she says.

She said her final goodbyes to Donovan exactly one week after a gunman shot and killed him in the alley behind his home, while trying to steal his ATV.

“It’s not what a parent wants to go through, to see your child like that,” said Foster. ” I never imagined myself being in this position, ever. I just had to bring him home in a box.”

“They just gunned down my son. For no reason. None,” said Donovan’s father, Felix Perez. “They could have taken the four wheeler. I would have bought him another one, a better one. Could have beat him up… At least he’d still be here.”

Their neighbors have stepped up, bringing them food to help get them through this difficult time.

“Thanks to everybody for a lot of the support. [We’ve had] a lot of donations,” said Donovan’s brother Crisoforo Jaime.

Foster says there was so much, she turned around and donated the extras to nearby shelters.

“We donated them to the Mother’s House, we took them to the Veteran’s Drop Off Center.,” said Foster. “Those are things that were brought for us, and then we turned around and did the same for our community. That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

As police close in on a suspect, Foster says all she can do is wait.

“All I have is the warrant now, I have the warrant,” said Foster. “They know who did it. I have that peace now.”

And if officers catch her son’s suspected killer, even though he’s only 16, she doesn’t want the court to go easy on him.

“I want him tried as an adult. He is a minor, I want him tried as an adult,” she said. “There was no reason. No reason, that they had to look him in his face and shoot him. He’s a monster… Heartless….”

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