Police to Update Rockford Missing Persons Case


The Rockford Police Department has scheduled a news conference for 11:30 a.m. Thursday to provide an update on the disappearance of mother of two Danielle Son, her estranged husband Hand Son and Danielle’s boyfriend Sergio Quiroz.

This comes after an unconfirmed report that Hand Son has been admitted to a local hospital.  ‘Eyewitness News’ is seeking confirmation of the report but has not received a response.


On Tuesday, Rockford Police detectives hoped to find clues inside a home on 10th Avenue, in the hopes of finding clues as to what happened to three missing people.

“Based on the information that has been gathered at this point, foul play is suspected in the disappearance of these individuals, and all three are now considered missing and endangered,” said Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea during a press conference.

Officers responded to the home on Monday after being summoned by Danielle Son’s relatives who hadn’t been able to contact her since Saturday. Inside, they found Danielle’s two year old and 11 month old kids, by themselves.

“Everybody was knocking on the door and you could hear the babies in there, so that’s when, you know, it really became apparent, and a big shock to us, that something big was really going on,” said Son’s nextdoor neighbor, Amber Wilson.

Detectives now say Danielle, her estranged husband Hand Son, and her boyfriend Sergio Quiroz, are missing. “They’ve been such good people, that it’s just something that you would never anticipate happening,” Wilson said.

Wilson says Son has lived at the home for about two years. Recently, however, Wilson said police were called to the home, for a different reason.

“Initially, you know, when the whole breakup happened, there was a little altercation,” Wilson added. According to court records, Danielle filed for divorce from her husband, Hand, on Friday, February 16th. A month before that, Hand was charged with domestic battery. Police haven’t confirmed if that charge was connected to the missing persons report.

“I’m really leaning towards that and I’m very shocked and, you know, we’re obviously afraid for Danielle,” Wilson said. Wilson hopes that police find Danielle, but she asks the public to be on the look out for her, to make sure the mother of two makes it home safely.

“Please come forward if you have any information in regards to Danielle,” she said. “Her kids really need her and she’s loved here in our neighborhood and among family,” she added.

Police are looking for Hand Son’s car, which also is missing. It’s a white 2007 Toyota Scion with red rims. It has Illinois License plates 915407. Anyone with information on the car or where the three could be, should call Rockford Police.

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