Police warn against leaving cars running unattended, to stop car thieves


Now that winter is here, motorists are taking a risk warming up their cars unattended, according to Rockford Police.

A risk that could turn into a gateway to more crime from opportunistic juvenile criminals, according to sergeant David Cone.

“They’ll either joy ride in the vehicle or they will use that vehicle for another criminal intent.” said Cone. 

The City of Rockford has seen a seven percent increase in auto thefts this year, with 380 cases through October, compared to 354 cases in the same time frame last year.

Sergeant Cone’s advice to the public on this matter is to be more responsible.

“That responsibility falls on the vehicle owner. My suggestion would be, if you have the financial resources is to invest in a remote start system, that would ideally be the best thing you could do.” said Cone.

He also added to those who cant afford the remote start system, “Sit in the cold and have that vehicle warm up and you’re going to have to be cold for a period of time,” he said.

Sergeant Cone also told Eyewitness News that it’s better to be cold for a few minutes than risk your car being stolen, or have your vehicle in the body shop for several weeks. 

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