(WTVO) — A 22-year-old woman is claiming to be missing British girl Madeleine McCann, who disappeared 16 years ago while on vacation with her parents in Portugal.

Julia Faustyna (who also goes by Julia Wendell and Julia Wandelt) made the claim on social media, claiming that she was abused in her childhood by a German pedophile who was a key suspect in the case, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Faustyna claims to have the same eye defect as Madeleine, and says she resembles Madeleine’s parents, Gary and Kate.

Madeleine was born in 2003, which would make her 19 now, but Faustyna says she believes her age could be wrong.

She claims she was unaware of Madeleine’s disappearance until stories her parents told her about her childhood “didn’t match up,” according to i24 News. She also claims to suffer from post-traumatic amnesia and was confined to a psychiatric ward for a time for post-traumatic stress disorder.

She said she was sexually abused by a German man with the last name Ney, and said one of the suspects in Madeleine’s disappearance was a man named Martin Ney, who she said may be her abuser’s son.

“After all that confusion, I started doing my own research, I discovered what happened to Madeleine McCann, and I connected the dots. It’s so stressful trying to get people to believe me,” she said.

Faustyna now says members of her family won’t take a DNA test and are also refusing to talk to her, calling her “sick” and in need of psychological help.

Madeleine was 3 years old when she disappeared from a hotel room while her parents were at dinner in Praia de Luz.