WASHINGTON (WTVO) — From the future of the Republican Party to pariah, Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R) went against the GOP when he voted to impeach then President Donald Trump.

He now admits his effort was a losing one.

“Yes. Yeah. He won,” Kinzinger said Friday. “In the short term, at least. There’s no use in pretending, somehow, that I scored some major victory and saved the party.”

Kinzinger said he was surprised to have so few allies after Trump’s impeachment. He, and most of the nine other House Republicans who voted for impeachment, now find themselves either retiring from office or losing their primary elections.

Kinzinger himself is on the way out, choosing not to run for re-election in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District.

He has said he is considering a presidential run in the future, but says he is still focused on separating Trump from the Republican Party.

“I just had a kid and I know one thing: regardless of what happens, when he reads about this time, he’s going to be proud of his last name. Dammit! You got me! I know at some point he’s going to be proud he’s a Kinzinger. I have a lot of colleagues that can’t say the same and I wouldn’t want to be in their position,” he said.

One of the Republicans who joined Kinzinger in voting to impeach Trump was Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Both Kinzinger and Cheney are serving on the January 6th Committee, investigating the Capitol riot.

Cheney is up for re-election on Tuesday, but the most recent poll has her opponent, who is endorsed by Trump, ahead with a 30-point lead.