Majority of Americans don’t trust Biden on COVID-19 information, poll finds


(WTVO) — A new poll has found that President Joe Biden is losing the public’s trust when it comes to accurate coronavirus information.

According to a new Axios-Ipsos poll, fewer than half (42%) of those polled say they trust Biden’s Covid-19 information now, compared to 58% in January.

Biden lost 11 points from Democrats (81%) and 10 points from Republicans (11%), with a 17 point loss among independents (42%).

Additionally, the number of people who trust the federal government to relay accurate information has dropped to 49% from 54% two weeks ago.

The poll also showed that fewer Americans see going out as a large risk to their health, and feel like their “normal, pre-Covid life” is getting farther away.

Most Americans (65%) say they support vaccine requirements in certain workplaces, such as healthcare settings, but few (14%) are in favor of firing someone who does not get vaccinated.

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