New York Times, Democrats under fire for linking Mount Rushmore to ‘white supremacy’


FILE – This March 22, 2019, file photo shows Mount Rushmore in Keystone, S.D. Organizers have scrapped plans to mandate social distancing during President Donald Trump’s appearance at a July 3, 2020, Mount Rushmore fireworks display and won’t limit the crowd due to coronavirus concerns, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said Thursday, June 4, 2020. The Republican governor said the National Park Service is dolling out 7,500 tickets via lottery for the event, which marks the first time in a decade that fireworks will be set off at the memorial in recognition of Independence Day. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)

KEYSTONE, S.D. (WTVO) — The New York Times and the DNC are facing backlash after claiming that Mount Rushmore is linked to white supremacy.

The New York Times report, titled “How Mount Rushmore Became Mount Rushmore” focused on the condemnations of the monument by Native Americans over the years, since it was built on indigenous land, and also said sculptor Gutzon Borglum had “strong bonds with leaders of the Klu Klux Klan” and espoused white supremacist and anti-Semetic rhetoric.

“Mount Rushmore was built on land that belonged to the Lakota tribe and sculpted by a man who had strong bonds with the Ku Klux Klan. It features the faces of 2 U.S. presidents who were slaveholders,” the Times wrote in a tweet promoting the piece.

“OMG the woke police are going all in on Mount Rushmore. They’re really doing it. These people are insane,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted in reaction.

Arizona Senate candidate Tom Cotton replied, “Now the woke mob at the New York Times is coming after Mount Rushmore. If we give this mob and inch, they’ll take a mile.”

Radio host Andrew Klavan tweeted, “The @nytimes, a #formernewspaper, was built on land that belonged to the Canarsee tribe and covered up both the Holocaust and the Communist starvation of millions.”

“The New York Times building is located on land the Dutch colonists swindled from the native population They must abandon their stolen land and donate the proceeds to BLM,” radio host Buck Sexton wrote.

On Monday, the Democratic National Committee came under fire for a tweet saying that President Donald Trump’s upcoming fireworks display at Mount Rushmore was “glorifying white supremacy.”

“Trump has disrespected Native communities time and again,” the DNC wrote. “He’s attempted to limit their voting rights and blocked critical pandemic relief. Now he’s holding a rally glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore – a region once sacred to tribal communities.”

It since deleted the tweet, but not before it was screen-captured by Republicans.

Mount Rushmore was completed in 1941, and features the likenesses of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, who were chosen to represent the nation’s birth, growth, development, and preservation.

The Black Lives Matter movement and anarchist subgroups have recently targeted and toppled historical statues within the United States. The movement, which began by targeting Confederate monuments, but has broadened to include statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, Ulyssess S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, and more.


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